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Apharm s.r.l. and Laboratoires expanscience announce distribution agreement for Hyalexo® Mono and Hyalexo® Cross, novel formulations for intra-articular injections, based on hyaluronic acid.

Apharm s.r.l. - subsidiary of Biofarma Group, CDMO leader in the development, production and packaging of MD, nutraceuticals and food supplements and Laboratoires Expanscience, a leading independent French pharmaceutical and dermo-cosmetics laboratory developing and commercializing innovative osteoarthritis products, announced today the signing of a distribution agreement for 2 new hyaluronic acid mono injections which are novel proprietary formulations, for intra-articular injection in Orthopaedic procedures.

Committed together for 70 years

Expanscience is the story of a committed family of entrepreneurs. A French, independent, family-owned company since 1950. A company specializing in skin care and osteoarthritis, anchored in the daily lives of families. A company which, alongside health professionals, provides support during motherhood, childhood, adolescence and seniority, and which champions a committed vision of care for families and strives for a more serene parenthood; one which helps those suffering from osteoarthritis to preserve their mobility and do what they love for as long as possible.

Laboratoires Expanscience launches “Number 6”, a new cosmetic active ingredient derived from avocado upcycling, which reduces dark circles and puffiness under the eyes

Loyal to its eco-socio-design approach, Expanscience uses downgraded avocado by-products (non-exportable, non-sellable) and transforms them into precious active molecules. Number 6 is therefore the 6th ingredient to be derived from avocado upcycling in the Expanscience catalog. This new ingredient completes a portfolio of 16 cosmetic active ingredients and 7 sensorial ingredients of natural origin used in the cosmetics industry in France and internationally.

Laboratoires Expanscience renews its "Committed to CSR" assessment at an exemplary level

French family-owned company specialized in skin health (Mustela) and the treatment of osteoarthritis (Piasclédine 300), is once again awarded the highest level of maturity in the “Committed to CSR” assessment. This result rewards the integration and management of CSR at the core of the company's development and innovation strategy, along with the positive impacts of its "Better Living Program".

Expanscience and its Mustela brand, along with other companies from the B Corp community, are supporting the artist Saype and his world-scaled project: “Beyond Walls”

Expanscience, a French, family, B Corp company, is specialized in skin health, in treating osteoarthritis and in the production of natural active ingredients for the cosmetics industry. Along with other French B Corp companies (including Les Deux Vaches, Blédina, Utopies, Microdon, etc.), Expanscience and its Mustela brand are supporting “BEYOND WALLS”, the new artistic project by Saype. The ambition of this socially-committed artist is to create, through his work, the biggest human chain in the world. He features in the 2019 Forbes list of the 30 personalities under 30 the most influential in Art & Culture.

Skinhairgium®Bio by Laboratoires Expanscience, a new, eco-socially designed active ingredient for hair care, wins the “Green Ingredient” Silver Award at the 2019 In Cosmetics trade show

“We are proud to receive this award recognizing our CSR commitments. With one single plant, maca, we can produce 2 active ingredients. Upcycling is essential for us. With Skinhairgium Bio, we are reasserting our dual expertise in skin and hair,” says Armelle Le Peniec, Director of Cosmetic Active Ingredients at Laboratoires Expanscience.

Expanscience introduces Algaenia®, a new cosmetic active ingredient from microalgae that is designed for sensitive skins

Expanscience Laboratories, which for over 45 years, has been highlighting the noblest aspects of the plant kingdom by developing cosmetic active ingredients based on pharmaceutical cultures and cutting-edge R&D, announces the launch of a new biomimetic active ingredient: Algaenia® from microalgae. It is one of the two Expanscience active ingredients in the finals of the 2019 Ingredients Awards at In Cosmetics in the Innovation Zone category. Skinhairgium® Bio, the other ingredient, is a finalist in the Green category.

Certified B Corp, Expanscience places the general interest at the centre of its business model

Expanscience has become the first French pharmaceutical and dermo-cosmetic laboratory to be certified B Corp, the international label of companies committed to the common good. As a pharmaceutical and dermo-cosmetic laboratory, leader in the treatment of arthritis (Piasclédine 300) and baby skin care (Mustela), Expanscience’s goal is the better living of its communities. Committed to a policy of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) since 2004, Expanscience is now Certified B-Corp, thereby confirming its desire to integrate the general interest at the centre of its business model.

Expanscience cosmetic active ingredients placed under the microscope with the eco-socio design grid, ‘Ecodesign, naturally’

For over 40 years, Laboratoires Expanscience have been showcasing the noblest part of the plant world by developing cosmetic active ingredients based on pharmaceutical knowledge and cutting-edge R&D. As part of their CSR ‘Better Living Program’, Laboratoires Expanscience have pledged to ensure that by 2020 all their cosmetic active ingredients will be eco-socio designed. To achieve this, they have committed to providing information about ingredients’ security, safety, and environmental impact, in the interests of transparency with their clients worldwide.

Two international awards for Passioline

Effectiveness and responsibility: the cosmetic industry awarded PASSIOLINE®, new repairing and soothing cosmetic active ingredient from independent French pharmaceutical and dermo-cosmetics laboratory Expanscience, dual recognition.

New business project, new head office: Expanscience moves to Tour First, a vehicle for the company's new challenges

Built in 1974 and completely renovated in 2011, the Tour First, based in Paris - La Défense, will be welcoming Laboratoires Expanscience on Monday 24 April. This move is part of an ambitious business project resolutely focused on innovation. The new head office will help develop collaborative work and facilitate interdepartmental communication and cooperation in shared spaces for the 240 employees of Expanscience’s head office.

Corporate Social Responsibility: Expanscience maintains its exemplary status and makes significant progress

In 2013 Expanscience became the first pharmaceutical and dermo-cosmetics laboratory to have its contribution to sustainable development recognized as "exemplary" by the AFAQ 26000 assessment. Following a renewal evaluation conducted in late 2016 by AFNOR Certification, Expanscience has maintained its exemplary rating with an improved level of maturity, scoring 744 points out of 1000. This performance is a testament to the Corporate Social Responsibility policy that Expanscience adopted more than a decade ago, reinforced by its Better Living Program of commitments for 2020.


Activity report 2015

Since 1982, the Fondation Mustela has been working with healthcare professionals to provide support for child development. Its activities focus on three major areas: support for research; preventative and educational campaigns in public health; and initiatives in the field on behalf of mothers and children, in France and worldwide. Operating under the auspices of the Fondation de France, the Fondation Mustela works in close collaboration with teams of professionals that, among other duties, select the winners of its various awards and grants.