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Our community actions

The power of community to transform the cosmetics industry

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The well-being of individuals and the health of the planet are collective and interdependent issues, and we are all a link in the chain; as such we believe in the strength of community to transform our models, reinforce our positive impact and accelerate the ecological transition.

Our considerations are focused on interdependence

To confirm our purpose even more and accelerate our transition towards a positive-impact, regenerative business model, we are working on our broadened ecosystem, by relying on an open innovation process and building more sustainable models together.

We are developing partnerships at local and international level, within coalitions and associations but also with a collection of actors from various areas.

We therefore make community a real advantage at the heart of our considerations, the transition of our sector and that of our company.

Our main cooperative actions

The Convention of Companies for the Climate (CEC)


Joining forces to act for the climate together

The CEC stems from one desire: to consider and implement solutions able to avoid a conflict between the climate emergency and companies’ economic priorities. We took part in the CEC when it was set up in 2021, alongside 149 other companies, because we believe in the synergy of actions and shared goals.

In concrete terms, this means defining a roadmap together to redesign our models and activities to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, protect biodiversity and regenerate the living world.

It was natural that our Mustela brand set itself a roadmap within the CEC of “bringing parents closer to essential family services”. It is an aim that is perfectly in line with Mustela’s purpose: “helping parents raise healthy children on a healthy planet”.

Today the Mustela brand makes a commitment to future generations, to deeply transform its economic model in depth, and mobilize its value chain up and downstream to create a regenerative ecosystem. To contribute to soil and ecosystem regeneration, and take part in improving human well-being and society in general.

Find out more about the CEC

Logo of the Convention of Companies for the Climate

B Beauty Coalition


60 B Corp companies to make practices in the cosmetics industry change

As the first dermo-cosmetics company to obtain B Corp certification in 2018, we were the pre-founders of the B Beauty Coalition from January 2022, by joining forces with 40 B Corp companies in the cosmetics sector with similar convictions to ours. Today there are 60 companies in the coalition spread over the 6 continents.

The coalition aims to implement deep changes to redefine the purpose of the cosmetic industry and improve its social and environmental footprint.

Thanks to its collective action the B Beauty Coalition progresses research and practices with regards sustainable packaging, greener logistics and supply of plant raw materials.

As such the coalition has created the B Beauty Navigator, an open source-accessible tool. Its aim? Better inform companies in the dermo-cosmetics world and consumers and help them make the right choices for these three main themes.

Find out more about the B Beauty Coalition

B Beauty Coalition logo



"Coopetition is the new innovation!"

Accompanied by consulting firm (RE)SET, and in partnership with the FEBEA (Federation of Beauty Companies), we joined forces with 13 other actors in the cosmetics industry to create the RE(SET) for Cosmetics research and development project, to solve the challenges of sustainable cosmetics together.

Our first challenge? Concentrate on the issue of packaging and using plastic coming to an end.

Under the code name “Pulp in Action”, we are contributing to inventing the packaging of tomorrow by using plant cellulose fibers. Used at industrial scale, they must meet the demands of cosmetic products in terms of quality of use, barrier properties and formula preservation (restitution level, water resistance, formula stability, etc.).

It’s an attractive solution, but one that is not so easy to implement, without putting in serious R&D and pooling research with the partner companies in the program.

Find out more about (RE)SET for COSMETICS


#PharmaRecharge Consortium


A brand-new experiment in pharmacies

In 2023, we joined forces with 4 other actors in dermo-cosmetics within a consortium to propose for the first time 15 iconic products in an eco-friendly bottle that can be refilled in pharmacies.

The aim? To meet a real need that consumers and manufacturers have as much as pharmacies: reduce packaging’s environmental impact in the cosmetics’ field.

Conscience of the ecological emergency and committed to eco-friendly approaches, our Mustela brand and the brands A-Derma (Pierre Fabre), Bioderma (NAOS), Ducray (Pierre Fabre), Eluday (Pierre Fabre), Garancia, Klorane (Pierre Fabre), La Rosée decided to pre-empt and unite to provide the consumer with a refill point which is being tested in a Parisian pharmacy first of all: the Pharmacie Carré Opéra at Chaussée d’Antin (Paris 9th arrondissement), before rolling out the experience to other sales outlets.

The virtuous approach was created by cooperating with actors in the French re-use ecosystem, with the idea of constructive collaboration and repetition. The consortium brought in experts from the circular economy and was assisted by (RE)SET, the consulting firm dedicated to the environmental transition.

Find out more about this experiment (in French)

Refill cabinet for dermo-cosmetic products

Beauty Hub


The first entirely French accelerator dedicated to innovation in the perfumery-cosmetics sector

Under the initiation of Cosmetic Valley, the Beauty Hub came into being in 2020, from 9 actors in the sector joining forces. Today its consortium has 12 companies plus Expanscience!

The aim of creating this ecosystem is to promote innovation, around 2 major programs:

  • Beauty Up: a support program dedicated to start-ups over 6 months. It enables start-ups to enjoy acceleration of their project, taking part in workshops, access to mentoring and financial support.
  • Beauty Fab: a technological laboratory intended for equipment makers. This space goes from prototypes and innovative manufacturing process demonstrators for the cosmetics industry (how to extracts raw materials better), as far as product distribution (controlling the material, packaging…).

We are members of the steering committee and play an active part in developing these 2 programs.

Find out more about the Beauty Hub

Beauty Hub logo

As you will have realized, we are convinced that uniting our strengths will enable us to transform the cosmetics industry on a long-term basis!

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