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Becoming Partners

Our objective is to build long-term local or worldwide alliances with you that are designed to bring increasingly innovative products to market.

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Since our creation as an independent pharmaceutical and dermo-cosmetics laboratory in 1950, we have built up solid expertise in the areas of rheumatology, dermo-cosmetics, dermatology and cosmetic active ingredients.

Business development as a driver of innovation

In line with our strategic development priorities, we have enriched our product portfolio over time through agreements with outside partners. 

Business development is a solid driver of external growth for Expanscience. It relies on dedicated internal resources comprised of specialists in each of our areas of activity. This structure enables us to offer responsiveness and flexibility to our partners throughout the agreement period.

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Working with Expanscience, you benefit from:


  • Special contacts who are dedicated to developing partnerships in France and internationally and who are involved in international associations that bring together experts in business development and alliance
  • Marketing, sales and regulatory structures in 14 subsidiaries in Europe, on the American continent and in Australia
  • Support from an independent, family-owned company that is strongly committed to societal responsibility and is B Corp certified.

Our strategic development priorities


Support of osteoarthritis, inflammation, osteoporosis and other rheumatic pathologies, as well as innovative medical devices for relieving joint pain

Dermo cosmetics

Innovative topical products and topical medical devices for newborns, children and mothers


Support of acne

Cosmetic Active ingre-dients

Anti-aging, anti-wrinkle, moisturizing, soothing, exfoliating and blemish-correcting ingredients

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