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Our purpose

At Expanscience, we help individuals shape their well-being.

Mom with her little daughter in a lavender field

We act to contribute to the well-being of babies and children and to parental peace of mind; we also aim to help individuals suffering from osteoarthritis to continue doing what they love, for as long as possible.

We believe that human well-being cannot be separated from the health of the planet. We want to have a positive impact on the world around us. Although each of us has a role to play, it’s by working together that we’ll meet our goals!  

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Being a "mission-driven company": a major step forward to a model with a positive impact


Since December 2021, we became a “mission-driven company”. This is important step forward for our company will enable us to go further in our transition towards a model with a positive impact.

As a company with a mission, we commit to working toward the common good through our purpose (“help individuals shape their well-being”) and social and environmental objectives.

As a complement to our B Corp certification, it will reinforce our positive impact and commitment to social and environmental performance, while taking into account the interests of our stakeholders.


Learn more about our mission-driven company status


Cultivate our family-owned, independent, B corp company model

We cultivate our model of a family-owned, independent company that is anchored locally and proud of its “Made in France” heritage, while being open to the world.


of our Mustela products are made in France, at our Epernon site in the Eure-et-Loir department

Our responsible supply chain in Peru with Deshidratados Tropicales Avocado, maracuja and maca are part of the composition of many Expanscience products and active ingredients. These raw materials come from sustainable, fair-trade crops, most notably in Peru. Sourcing and the transformation of these raw materials are ensured by Deshidratados Tropicales, our local implantation. In this way, we control the entire supply chain and reduce our environmental and social impact. #SustainableCrop Protection of local biodiversity Combat deforestation #Employment: 350 avocado producers supported by our activity in Peru #EconomicDevelopment Sustainable crops thanks to a long-term commitment Fair prices for producers To learn more about other actions, go to the “Our Purpose” page !


Develop natural healthcare and responsible products

We develop an approach to healthcare that is increasingly natural, essential and fed by our expertise in plant extraction. Our products and overall approach continue to develop in responsibility and commitment, as demonstrated by our B Corp certification.


natural-origin ingredients on average in our Mustela products

Refillable Mustela products in pharmacies, as seen by Georges-Mathieu Tritsch, pharmacist at Mûrs-Erigné “I implemented the sale of refillable Mustela products in my pharmacy”. #Refillable “For customers, it’s child’s play. All they have to do is take a glass bottle and fill it with the quantity of product they need”. #SustainableDevelopment “My customers were thrilled to discover this offer in our pharmacy, which is part of our sustainable development approach”. #Result Changing from a single-use plastic bottle to a refillable glass bottle means: -76% plastic -220 grams of CO2, or the equivalent of a 5-Watt LED bulb turned on for 777 hours.  Comparison between a cleansing gel packaged in a single-use plastic container (400 ml) and a refillable bottle in glass (480 ml) over a one-year period (on the basis of three gels used) To learn more about other actions, go to the “Our Purpose” page !


Give individuals the power to act on their health

In the combat against osteoarthritis and in skin care, we support individuals by giving them the means to take care of themselves, their body and their overall well-being, every day and throughout their life.


years of research in baby skin physiology


osteoarthritis patients questioned worldwide since 2014 to concretely improve their daily living


Build a business modes that grows in fairness and collaboration

We develop a business that is responsible and respects humans and the planet. As a certified B Corp company, we put the general interest at the core of our economic model.


of our plant raw material supply chains have implemented a CSR action plan


children in Burkina Faso given access to school every year since 2011 with our help


Reinforce the well-being of our employees and make them company stakeholders

Each person's potential contributes to success for all! This phrase is the motto that guides us daily. Since we are a human-size company, we know that each employee has a vital role to play in carrying out our projects and taking up the challenges of tomorrow.


of payroll was dedicated to training in 2022


"Open People" employees spread the culture of open innovation within the company


Prosper while having the least possible impact on ecosystems

From the supply of raw materials to distribution, by way of production, we make every effort daily to reduce our footprint by working toward zero waste, protecting biodiversity, promoting a circular economy and combating global warming by contributing to planetary carbon neutrality by 2030 with our Mustela brand and our cosmetic active ingredients business.


tons of plastic since 2010 thanks to the eco-socio design of our Mustela products


of our cosmetic active ingredients come from upcycling

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