Skin Health Expertise

70 years of research and innovation in skin health

Skin is something precious that needs to be preserved. For 70 years, Laboratoires Expanscience has been channelling all its expertise into preserving skin health throughout the key stages in life: birth, maternity, adolescence.


Two key research areas

Skin physiology

Skin physiology

Our dermo-cosmetics researchers are particularly focused on investigating the skin's barrier function and inflammatory phenomena.

Plant expertise

Plant expertise

Our cosmetics Research and Development centre has acquired specialist expertise in plant technologies and molecular distillation, an environmentally-friendly process for separating and concentrating the noble elements of oil.

A range of leading dermo-cosmetics and dermatological products

A range of leading
dermo-cosmetics and dermatological products

This recognised knowledge of skin physiology, together with the great care that goes into selecting ingredients of natural origin means that our laboratory is able to develop an extended range of dermo-cosmetics and dermatological products that are safe and effective.


Through the Mustela brand, we develop lines of targeted dermo-cosmetics products that can be used with the very delicate skin of babies and young and expectant mothers.


We have developed a complete range of dermatology products for sufferers of light to severe acne (Effizinc, Doxylis Gé, Procuta Gé).