Innovative and recognised services for osteoarthritis sufferers,
Good day-to-day practices, an Expanscience's online service, provides osteoarthritis sufferers with free support to improve their quality of life.


The site encourages them to adopt good practices in terms of improving their nutrition and keeping physically active – both essential for improving their quality of life.


Designed by specialists, this online service provides osteoarthritis sufferers with simple targets that they can meet with the help of two experts.


They support them on a day-to-day basis, based on their profile and the kinds of activities in which they are involved.



*Depending on their profile

This service is designed to provide all osteoarthritis sufferers with relief and includes:

  1. A logbook in which patients can record their symptoms, their activities and their progress
  2. Dietary tips so they can improve their food habits
  3. Exercises to help them strengthen their muscles and make their tendons more flexible in order to protect their joints
  4. 12 steps specifically designed for each person's osteoarthritis (depending on their profile).