Leading partnerships to combat osteoarthritis together

Expanscience and aflar

Expanscience has been a partner of the French Rheumatism Research Association (AFLAR) since 2010 and anticipates patients' expectations in terms of advice, support and monitoring.


Expanscience is also a member of the National alliance against arthritis alongside the AFLAR, the College of doctors of rheumatology, the Order of physiotherapists and the society of physical medicine and rehabilitation.

Expanscience and the arthritis foundation
Unique research into curing osteoarthritis

Ever since it was established, Expanscience has placed a great deal of importance on research and innovation.

Today, Expanscience and the Arthritis Foundation have joined forces for the "Research on OsteoArthritis Diseases" (ROAD) Project in order to try and better understand the different types of osteoarthritis and find new, personalised treatments.

Thanks to the ROAD Project, for the first time ever in France 7 academic and clinical laboratories specialising in osteoarthritis (INSERM + CNRS) are working together in a structured, multidisciplinary way with the ultimate goal of curing patients completely, and not simply alleviating their symptoms.