More than 25 years of expertise in treating osteoarthritis

More than 10 million people in France suffer from it(1)
Number two reason for consulting a doctor after cardiovascular diseases
Leading cause of disability in people aged over 40 in france

(1) White Paper of the "Etats généraux" of Osteoarthritis 2015-2016 edited by AFLAR

Yet osteoarthritis sufferers can soothe their pain and some of the other discomforts caused by the disease by making changes to their lifestyle and diet, and by following a suitable treatment.

Our commitment
Help individuals suffering from osteoarthritis to do what they love as long as possible

Laboratoires Expanscience have been experts in osteoarthritis for more than 25 years and offer comprehensive treatment for people suffering from the disease. It provides proven treatments, together with tools for day-to-day support.


Providing people with information is one of our priorities, and so we provide numerous services to support both patients and healthcare professionals as they tackle osteoarthritis and soothe the pain it causes, helping them to remain mobile.


The arthrolink.com and arthrocoach.com websites are among the services that we provide.

A leading company involved in the fight against osteoarthritis

We help expand knowledge of osteoarthritis:

  • by providing doctors with a medical image library – one that is unique in Europe and which includes some 1000 downloadable images, original clinical cases (osteoarthritis of the knee, of the hip, etc.), and other work tools,
  • by raising people's awareness of iatrogenic risk (any side-effects which may be caused by the medication): Safety First programme,
  • by examining the ways in which pharmacists and doctors can work together in tackling osteoarthritis: the Perspectives programme.


The osteoarthritis monitoring body

Arthroscope is an online community made up of some 1000 French osteoarthritis sufferers. They are tracked over time, and so help us identify patients' needs and profile their behaviour.

  • The first phase of the study, completed in 2012, focused on the social and therapeutic profile of osteoarthritis sufferers, the medical and pharmaceutical treatments they use and attitudes and expectations as far as the healthcare system are concerned. This first phase enabled us to classify patients into different categories. One of the things that it highlighted is that one in four osteoarthritis sufferers does not get treatment. The results have been summarised in the form of the graphic giving an overview of osteoarthritis in France.
  • The second phase of the study was conducted in 2013, and set out to gauge the opinion of osteoarthritis sufferers in relation to available treatments.
  • A third phase, conducted in 2015, categorised osteoarthritis sufferers based on their expectations of the healthcare system and on the usage of medical products in France.