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6 july 2023

Read our 2022 mission report

Expanscience 2022 Mission Report Cover
As a "mission-driven" company since 2021, our mission report reveals the journey we made in 2022 to help individuals shape their well-being.


We are convinced that we must play a role in the transition of society and that well-being is a collective project linked to the health of our planet.

At Expanscience, we work to “help individuals shape their well-being” at different stages of their life, remaining mindful of the planetary boundaries. In line with our purpose, we undertake to:

  • Design products and services that are useful to well-being, eco-socio designed and increasingly inspired by nature and living things.
  • Contribute to reaching planetary climate goals and to the protection and regeneration of biodiversity.
  • Help our employees take an active part in their personal fulfillment and construct a more inclusive and supportive company with them.
  • Mobilize our communities and ecosystems to build together business models with a positive impact on society, individuals and their environment. 

Our impACT roadmap, which we each contribute to on a daily basis, is the path we need to take to meet these statutory objectives and become a company with a positive and regenerative impact..

To find out more about our commitments and see our progress: see our mission report

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