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27 april 2022

Open Innovation at Expanscience

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Since 2015, Open Innovation has been behind our CSR approach. It has allowed developing our offers in a faster and better way, while reinforcing their positive impact, creating social value and strengthening our teams.


As a mission-driven company that is B Corp certified, we want to help individuals shape their well-being, develop an increasingly virtuous business model and take an active part in transforming the pharmaceutical and dermo-cosmetics industry.

Openness to others, collective innovation and participative projects: at Expanscience, Open Innovation means co-building with our external stakeholders and developing agility and an innovative outlook within our teams.

CThis approach has enabled us to launch a number of internal and external projects. These include co-building our organic Mustela line with over 100 stakeholders; partnering with an accelerated start-up to deploy a new, non-pharmacological therapeutic alternative to treat moderate to severe chronic pain from knee osteoarthritis; experimenting with Mustela product refills in pharmacies; and, of course, working together to create impACT, our CSR strategy for 2030.


To learn all about these achievements in just two minutes, have a look at this video:


First image of Open innovation at Expanscience video


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