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20 march 2023

Expanscience acquires Sublimed

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As we are involved in developing new solutions for relieving osteoarthritis-related knee pain, we announce the acquisition of the start-up Sublimed.


A Medtech specialized in developing medical devices for managing chronic pain


Sublimed is a Medtech start-up with which we have been collaborating for several years and which has largely contributed to the development of VitaliTENS, a transcutaneous electrical neurostimulation medical device which acts as a non-drug analgesic alternative.

After 6 years of collaboration, we have therefore decided to come together in order to achieve our common objectives:

  • Act against chronic pain while offering non-drug solutions, particularly related to knee osteoarthritis
  • Developing our rheumatology business in the United States (because the TENS medical device for transcutaneous electrical neurostimulation benefits from an electrode placement protocol protected by a US patent)
  • Pooling our expertise on chronic pain to ultimately open up new fields of innovation, all in collaboration with the main people concerned.


A merger undertaken in a logic of open innovation, and true to Expanscience values


This merger allows us both to better control our value chain and to associate ourselves with a company with which we share the same values: choice to manufacture in France, integration of sustainable development issues into the company's strategy, support to the United Nations Global Compact... 


To know more about this merger: see our press release

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