Jean-Paul Berthomé
CEO of Laboratoires Expanscience

  • Health – something we need to protect
    "As far as we are concerned, health is something that goes far beyond simply dealing with problems. It is an essential source of quality of life and balance for all of us. This is why, at Expanscience, we have adopted a long-term approach to health… as something we need to protect".
  • Experts in mobility and skin health
    “Since it was first set up, Laboratoires Expanscience have worked on broadening their expertise in two key aspects of health: mobility and skin health. Preserving them involves developing solutions that are innovative, effective and safe – both for people and the environment".
  • Innovation at work
    "Our innovative solutions are the results of our research into human biology and the work we do in creating dedicated plant-based active ingredients. And at the same time, we provide everyday services for consumers and healthcare professionals that are designed to keep people better informed, offer advice and motivate patients".
  • A responsible partner
    "Our sound knowledge of the various bodies involved in looking after patients means that we are able to keep pace with their changing expectations and anticipate their needs. We commit to this task within the framework of relationships based on trust, partnership and responsibility".
  • A recognised leader
    "Laboratoires Expanscience has capitalised on these assets and is now one of the key players on the osteoarthritis and skin health markets. Our aim in the medium term is to establish ourselves as a recognised leader in both of these areas, helping to keep everybody healthy".