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Long-term initiatives

At international level, Expanscience is involved in a number of sponsorship initiatives that are a reflection of its commitment to children and their development, families and parenthood, as well as the elderly and the provision of support for them.


Since 1982, we have been supporting research and projects focusing on child development and parenthood through the Mustela Foundation.


We have also been supporting research into Osteoarthritis since 1998 and Dermatology since 2002.

The Mustela Foundation

The mustela foundation

The Mustela Foundation was created in 1982 under the aegis of the Fondation de France and supports research and projects on child development and parenthood in order to improve quality of life for children throughout the world.


Its initiatives have three main goals:

  • support research by awarding Prizes and Grants,
  • promote prevention and education in children's healthcare,
  • fund the implementation of field projects.


Its work is of relevance to healthcare professionals (paediatric nurses, midwives, paediatricians, child psychiatrists, psychologists...), as well as the general public through a number of field projects and prevention programmes.


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Active support for research

Active support for research

Expanscience has been presenting awards in recognition of research in these areas:

  • In the field of Osteoarthritis since 1998:
    – The Expanscience Clinical Research "Prix Arthrose" and the Expanscience Fundamental Research "Prix Arthrose" are awarded every year to two French-speaking research scientists for the scientific interest and innovative nature of their work.
    – These Awards are presented in partnership with the Société Française de Rhumatologie (French Society of Rheumatology).


  • In the field of Dermatology since 2002:
    – The Dermatology Research Award and the Pediatric Dermatology Research Awards are intended to support a fundamental or applied research project in Dermatology and in Pediatric Dermatology. They are presented at the Journées Dermatologiques de Paris (Paris Dermatology Days).
    – These Awards are presented in partnership with the Société Française de Rhumatologie (French Society of Rheumatology).