Quality approach

Quality approach
A commitment to our communities

For 70 years, we have drawn on our expertise and commitment to quality to serve our patients, our consumers, healthcare professionals and our stakeholders.

Our goal each day is continuous innovation to provide safe, effective solutions rooted in respect for people and the environment and designed to preserve each person’s health in the fields of osteoarthritis and skin care.

Our top priority is to achieve excellence in customer satisfaction by implementing a quality policy that is consistent with both our corporate values and applicable reference standards.


3 fundamental principles

Quality policy: 3 fundamental principles

  • 1. Develop innovative, quality products that are friendly to people and the environment;
  • 2. Offer impeccable service quality to our customers and service providers;
  • 3. Promote the adoption of a policy of continuous improvement.

These three principles apply to our entire workforce, at by preserving our economical balance. We verify that all of our employees are qualified for the role they play and constantly willing to enhance their knowledge.

To comply with this quality policy, we rely on the quality management to commit the company to a process of continuous improvement, in particular through a formal annual quality review.

Quality policy with regard to information provided during canvassing or prospecting for the purpose of promoting medicines

As a pharmaceutical company, we provide healthcare professionals with medicines that offer effective, appropriate treatment for patients, in strict compliance with regulations, while showing respect for people and the environment. 


In accordance with the requirements in France’s Charter on Information Provided During Canvassing or Prospecting for the Purpose of Promoting Medicines, we are committed to delivering high-quality medical information to healthcare professionals and to promote drugs, supported or not by health insurance organizations, by promoting the proper use.


Any activity (promotion of medicines, medical devices, cosmetic products, etc.) to health professionals conducted by our medical representatives is subject to compliance with the rules of ethics defined by the Company.


The principles of the quality approach defined to meet these objectives are as follows:

  • Provide health professionals with effective products with a well established tolerance profile for optimal management of their patients'pathologies.
  • Deliver quality information to health professionals via:
    •  A medical information service in charge of answering their questions using scientific evidence, clear and objective and in compliance with French ethics and regulations,
    •  Promotional information provided by medical representatives who are continuously trained in the proper use of medicines and comply with the ethical rules of their profession.
  • Ensure the availability of Laboratoires Expanscience products by implementing the necessary means.
  • Guarantee the safety of patients by contributing in particular to the handling of claims and cases of pharmacovigilance.
  • Continually improve the quality system, notably through the implementation of internal audits, the implementation of an annual training plan for employees, the monitoring of quality indicators dedicated to this activity and the operational objectives set for each team concerned.

We undertake to respect the Information Charter by canvassing or prospecting aimed at the promotion of medicines and to dedicate the human and technical means necessary to guarantee the success of this process.


The steering system is based on a Quality Management System, involving the Management Committee. It engages all employees through regular communication and a multidisciplinary steering committee.


For 10 years, driven by a desire to constantly improve our practices, we maintain our certification around this promotional information activity.


Quality policy with regard to information provided during canvassing or prospecting for the purpose of promoting medicines