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  • An action-based approach
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    An action-based approach

    Our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy – which we voluntarily adopted in 2004 when we signed up to the United Nations Global Compact – is central to the way in which we implement our strategy, both in France and at international level.


    Ever since it was founded, Expanscience has been breaking new ground with its research into osteoarthritis and skincare, the aim being to keep everybody in good health.


    Constantly researching new solutions, we reconsider our practices on an ongoing basis so as to keep pace with changes in society and factor in social, societal and environmental challenges.


    By capitalising on the collective intelligence to which we have access (that of our employees, customers, suppliers, associations, etc.), we are able to make progress every day in order to more effectively meet the needs of our stakeholders.


    This open approach based on working together enables us to take care of our customers and of their environments, with the help of products that are more responsible and a range of new support services.


    Our CSR approach has been recognized as "Exemplary" by the "Committed to CSR" label since 2013 and Gold Level by EcoVadis since 2018.

  • CSR Policy

    Expanscience: the first laboratory to be certified B Corp in the world

    Since April 2018, Expanscience and its brand have been certified B Corp, the pioneering and demanding international label awarded to companies that develop and operate their activities with a positive impact on society and the environment. Expanscience is the 1st pharmaceutical and dermo-cosmetic laboratory in the world to join the B Corp company movement. This community numbers over 4,000 companies around the world integrating the general interest at the center of their business models.


    This label mirrors our Better Living Program. With B Corp, we are committed to:

    • Being transparent with regard to our stakeholders.
    • Progressing our ecosystem towards greater responsibility.
    • Helping society evolve towards greater sharing, equity and respect.


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    Find out more with our poster « Be better for the world with B Corp »


For more than 15 years, we have been working to develop our activities evermore responsibly. In 2016, we further strengthened our social responsibility commitments with our “Better Living Program”. In 2018, this policy was recognized through B Corp international certification.

Our ambition is to contribute towards the better living of all our communities worldwide. How? By innovating in a responsible and collaborative way and moving forward with our communities.

Download Better Living Program 2020 Results [PDF]


From the impact of our activities on the environment to the dialog with our stakeholders, from the well-being of our communities to the responsibility of our procurements, discover some of the ways in which we are taking better care of our customers and their environment.


Throughout the world, from plant selection to its final use, we strive to limit our impacts, develop responsible practices and maintain fair and lasting relationships with our partners in the field.

Our local presence in Peru, with Deshidratados Tropicales, allows us, through responsible sources, to obtain supplies of avocado, maracuja and maca:

  • Protection of 1,000 hectares of land,
  • Enhancing the value of avocados that cannot be exported,
  • Setting fair and equitable prices,
  • Respect for traditional know-how...


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CSR Policy


For more than 15 years, we have been working to develop our activities responsibly.

Developing, manufacturing and distributing our products while respecting people and the environment is our priority!


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CSR Policy


Our products are designed in a responsible and innovative manner, by giving priority to naturalness, expertise and safety.

With a demanding eco-design approach, we strive to meet our customers' and consumers' ever-increasing demand for naturalness.

To meet the needs of each type of skin, we identify the natural ingredients best suited to extract the safest and most effective molecules.

Naturalness involves a rigorous and reasoned selection of ingredients and control of the quality and traceability of our active ingredients of plant origin.


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CSR Policy


Our ambition is to contribute to patients’ better living. How? Through global management of osteoarthritis diseases combining pharmacological solutions and a new collaborative and local approach to health.

Our offer: a large portfolio of treatments, information, education and sharing services to strengthen prevention and improve patients' quality of life.


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CSR Policy