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Discover the world of Mustela, our flagship brand that’s been helping parents since 1950 to care for the skin of the entire family, starting at birth.

A dad holds his baby in wrapped in a yellow towel
A family with 2 children at the beach

With every child a thousand questions are born! On the side of parents since 1950, our Mustela brand commits to supporting them.

It offers safe, natural-origin care based on Expanscience’s unique expertise in extracting natural organic ingredients, while protecting the planet and all types of skins.

Our goal is that parents will no longer have to choose between the planet and family skincare!


pharmacies in France stock our refillable Mustela cleansing gels and cleansing water


of our Mustela products are made in France, at our Epernon site in the Eure-et-Loir department

A smiling baby getting a face massage



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