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An international presence

Beyond borders, close to countries.

Little girl with a globe in her hands

We market our products in more than 100 countries through our 13 subsidiaries, which employ over 515 individuals, as well as a solid network of distributors!

A worldwide ambition

Our activity and brands have a strong international presence, representing over 70% of company turnover.


subsidiaries and over 100 distributor countries


of turnover from international sales in 2023

Our international ambition also involves establishing greater proximity to our partners and customers. We aim for continued growth by contributing throughout the product value chain to local development and the greater well-being of the communities in these areas.

Involvement and commitment are the same in France and around the world, as well as within the 19 supply chains that furnish the raw materials required by Expanscience.


Mustela is the leading brand on the daily child and baby care products market in France*


Piascledine 300 is the world leader in the musculoskeletal product class**

*Source: GERS – SOG Early France – Pharmacy Circuit – Market Definition Mustela Baby & Child Segment (bruises, bumps, wipes, diaper change, normal skin, dry skin) established by Laboratoires Expanscience. CMA data December 2023 in value (turnover including taxes) and volume


Local proximity

Supplies of avocado, maracuja and maca are strategic for us, since these plants are the basis of the active ingredients that are part of many of our products.

As an example, for more than 15 years in Peru, we have developed sustainable supply chains that guarantee the quality, traceability and sustainability of our supplies, in collaboration with Deshidratados Tropicales, our unit for transforming raw plant materials.

In the field, we have relied on close-knit relations and win-win partnerships with producers and intermediaries to protect and restore local biodiversity while promoting economic development. Our activity currently generates economic benefits for over 350 local producers. 

An Expanscience employee with a Peruvian avocado producer

Another example is Burkina Faso. In the context of our acacia seed supply chain, we contribute to the training of women harvesters in organic farming and reforestation to combat desertification.

These actions are representative of the importance we give to local anchoring in our development model, wherever we are established and in line with our commitments to societal responsibility.

Group of women picking acacia seeds in Burkina Faso

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