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The Mustela Foundation

Supporting research on child development and parenting.

Child with a doctor

Created in 1982 under the aegis of the Fondation de France, the Mustela Foundation has carried out a societal engagement for more than forty years by supporting research work or projects by healthcare professionals that promote child development and parenting.

Working with healthcare professionals in support of children

True to its mission of assisting students and young researchers (midwives, pediatricians, child psychiatrists, psychologists, sociologists, etc.) in the area of childhood studies, the foundation has supported over 240 projects.

With five awards and scholarships, as well as by supporting numerous actions in the field for some of the most vulnerable groups in France and internationally, the Mustela Foundation stands behind those who work toward the well-being of children, combat precariousness in families and are present in emergency situations.

A midwife's hand resting on the belly of a pregnant woman

The Foundation is also very much involved in prevention and providing health information for children. It provides free digital information on childcare, obstetrics and pediatrics for healthcare professionals and families.

A mother hugs her daughter lying in the grass

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