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Quality Approach

A pledge to serve our communities.

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For seventy years, we have put our expertise and commitment to quality at the service of our patients and consumers, healthcare professionals, and our stakeholders. Our priority and goal is to achieve excellence in terms of customer satisfaction through the implementation of a quality policy in keeping with the company's values and the applicable standards.

The four main principles of our quality policy
  1. Develop innovative, effective and quality products that are friendly to people and the environment;
  2. Ensure the safety of patients and consumers of our products;
  3. Offer impeccable quality of service to our customers and service providers;
  4. Promote the adoption of a continuous improvement policy.

These four principles apply to all our employees, while preserving the company’s economic equilibrium. We make sure that they are all qualified for their role and encourage them to strive toward the continuous enrichment of their knowledge.

The way we manage quality enables the company to carry out a continuous improvement approach that is implemented in particular through a formalized annual review of quality.

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