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Our site is eco-designed, we tell you how



Like our products, our website addresses all those who want to take an active part in their personal well-being.
Our objective? Optimal accessibility for the greatest number.

And just what does accessibility mean?


In general, accessibility is the result of ensuring that a place, a service or a product can be used by the greatest number, in particular by the disabled.

In the web domain, this means allowing all users, even those who are temporarily or permanently disabled and those whose technical equipment may not be the latest, to have access to content.

Because we feel it’s important for all our audiences to have access to our information, we decided to optimize accessibility to our website by applying the international recommendations of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG2.0), Level AA.

Group of sporty seniors in nature

How did we make our website more accessible?


Here are the main best practices we implemented on our site.


levels of tree structure


of buttons and commands have been adapted to audio guides

The tree structure determines the layout of a website. It defines the hierarchy of information and content. As a tree structure acquires more levels, it deepens and information becomes more complex to find. We have used the minimum level of depth to guarantee that all information can be accessed in just two clicks.

Regarding the buttons, the usual approach consists in limiting text on buttons to the strict minimum: discover, purchase, etc. On the Expanscience site, all buttons have more information. This provides an efficient way to direct audio guide users (the visually deficient) toward the proper content.


typefaces used


of our content is accessible

We use the same typeface for each major title. And we use a second typeface for paragraphs. The result? More fluent reading and optimal legibility. The two typefaces used must also provide very comfortable reading. For this reason, we chose two fonts that are restrained, simple and unadorned.

To optimize the legibility of all site content, we used the Adobe Color tool. It enables choosing the best ratio between text size, typeface color and background color.

The best ratio is not always perceptible at first glance. In any case, we hope that each of these concrete actions to guarantee the accessibility of our site will make your browsing easier and more comfortable!

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