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Laboratoires Expanscience

Two international awards for Passioline

Effectiveness and responsibility: the cosmetic industry awarded PASSIOLINE®, new repairing and soothing cosmetic active ingredient from independent French pharmaceutical and dermo-cosmetics laboratory Expanscience, dual recognition.

New business project, new head office: Expanscience moves to Tour First, a vehicle for the company's new challenges

Built in 1974 and completely renovated in 2011, the Tour First, based in Paris - La Défense, will be welcoming Laboratoires Expanscience on Monday 24 April. This move is part of an ambitious business project resolutely focused on innovation. The new head office will help develop collaborative work and facilitate interdepartmental communication and cooperation in shared spaces for the 240 employees of Expanscience’s head office.

Corporate Social Responsibility: Expanscience maintains its exemplary status and makes significant progress

In 2013 Expanscience became the first pharmaceutical and dermo-cosmetics laboratory to have its contribution to sustainable development recognized as "exemplary" by the AFAQ 26000 assessment. Following a renewal evaluation conducted in late 2016 by AFNOR Certification, Expanscience has maintained its exemplary rating with an improved level of maturity, scoring 744 points out of 1000. This performance is a testament to the Corporate Social Responsibility policy that Expanscience adopted more than a decade ago, reinforced by its Better Living Program of commitments for 2020.

Expanscience strengthens its responsible sourcing policy with its acquisition of a Peruvian company

Expanscience, a French independently-owned pharmaceutical and dermo-cosmetics laboratory, is acquiring the Peruvian firm Deshidratados Tropicales, which specializes in sourcing and processing plant raw materials. With this acquisition, Expanscience provides for a more secure and more traceable supply of avocado and maca, two plant raw materials that play a strategic role in three of its business lines: Dermo-Cosmetics (Mustela), Rheumatology (Piasclédine 300) and Cosmetic Active Ingredients (Macaline, Skinergium, Avocado Perseose). Through its direct presence in Peru, Expanscience will enhance its CSR policy by providing for the development of plant supply chains that are friendly to both the environment and the Peruvian communities where avocado and maca are cultivated.

2015 Annual report

Over the life of a company, some years have an especially decisive impact. At Laboratoires Expanscience, 2015 was undoubtedly one of those years. It’s been decisive for the success of our products worldwide, for the production records set by our manufacturing site, and above all for the milestones we have reached, the transformations we have successfully navigated and the ambitions we have set for ourselves. In 2015, for the first time, our international sales exceeded our sales in France. Moreover, in 2015 we adopted a new business model in France for Piasclédine 300, our drug for the treatment of osteoarthritis. And in 2015 we drafted a five-year plan of commitments with regard to Corporate Social Responsibility, with the aim of pledging new commitments between now and 2020.


Activity report 2015

Since 1982, the Fondation Mustela has been working with healthcare professionals to provide support for child development. Its activities focus on three major areas: support for research; preventative and educational campaigns in public health; and initiatives in the field on behalf of mothers and children, in France and worldwide. Operating under the auspices of the Fondation de France, the Fondation Mustela works in close collaboration with teams of professionals that, among other duties, select the winners of its various awards and grants.