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“Expanscience is seventy years old and still has the energy needed to reinvent itself and do more for health. Our purpose is to help individuals shape their well-being, with the requirement to protect the planet and the goal of having an increasingly positive impact on society with each passing day.”

Jean-Paul Berthomé President of Laboratoires Expanscience

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Mustela is our flagship brand that provides natural-origin skincare for the entire family, starting at birth. Piascledine 300 is our medicine based on unsaponifiables of avocado and soya dedicated to Rheumatology.

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our CSR strategy to 2030


As a B Corp, we want to contribute to a better world.

Our ambition for tomorrow with impACT? To become a positive and regenerative impact company.

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Refillable Mustela products in pharmacies, as seen by Georges-Mathieu Tritsch, pharmacist at Mûrs-Erigné “I implemented the sale of refillable Mustela products in my pharmacy”. #Refillable “For customers, it’s child’s play. All they have to do is take a glass bottle and fill it with the quantity of product they need”. #SustainableDevelopment “My customers were thrilled to discover this offer in our pharmacy, which is part of our sustainable development approach”. #Result Changing from a single-use plastic bottle to a refillable glass bottle means: -76% plastic -220 grams of CO2, or the equivalent of a 5-Watt LED bulb turned on for 777 hours.  Comparison between a cleansing gel packaged in a single-use plastic container (400 ml) and a refillable bottle in glass (480 ml) over a one-year period (on the basis of three gels used) To learn more about other actions, go to the “Our Purpose” page !
Our responsible supply chain in Peru with Deshidratados Tropicales Avocado, maracuja and maca are part of the composition of many Expanscience products and active ingredients. These raw materials come from sustainable, fair-trade crops, most notably in Peru. Sourcing and the transformation of these raw materials are ensured by Deshidratados Tropicales, our local implantation. In this way, we control the entire supply chain and reduce our environmental and social impact. #SustainableCrop Protection of local biodiversity Combat deforestation #Employment: 350 avocado producers supported by our activity in Peru #EconomicDevelopment Sustainable crops thanks to a long-term commitment Fair prices for producers To learn more about other actions, go to the “Our Purpose” page !
The future belongs to the young generations! Michel Chasles School in Epernon x Expanscience In 2010, we established a partnership with the Michel Chasles school, a member of the network of schools associated to UNESCO. Goal: Make eco-delegates aware of environmental issues and organize a series of local actions with them #KnowledgeTransmission - Regular information on our CSR policy - Participation in the Company Forum at the school #Cobuilding #Biodiversity  - Building of insect shelters and birdhouses   An initiative recognized by the UN!  #EcoSolidarity Contribution to a three-day eco-solidarity bike trip, where 27 middle school students discovered the historical and cultural heritage of their region #Future And since we’re convinced that the young generations are key players in changing towards a better world, we invited these students give us their thoughts on our new CSR commitments for 2030! To learn more about other actions, go to the “Our Purpose” page !

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