Research into skin physiology and cartilage

An area of sound expertise

An area of sound

Since our company was founded, our aim has been to better understand the physiology of certain tissues, such as skin and cartilage.


We have been working in three main areas of research in particular:

  • the skin's barrier function and how it develops over time or when the skin is damaged in certain ways,
  • investigations into the connective tissue matrix which are involved in the remodelling and healing processes,
  • furthering our understanding of the inflammatory and immune mechanisms which are compromised in certain skin or cartilage disorders.


Our researchers work on cellular or tissular engineering models; they have designed and characterised reconstructed models of the epidermises of newborn babies and of children of various different ages. These models have been patented under the name “Stelaskin®”.This innovation is particularly useful for studying the functional development of the epidermis. It can be used for a wide range of applications, such as modelling attacks to the skin and assessing active ingredients and cosmetics products for babies’ skin.


They use various technologies for investigating skin and cartilage, the aim always being to better understand how these tissues react to disorders or different types of attack.


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