The key stages involved in developing dermo-cosmetics products

We are investigating new sensorial territories and we are creating high-performance textures that are pleasant to use by integrating new natural origin raw materials. We are creating new concepts structured around the awakening of babies' and children's senses.

A precise and rigourous set of procedures is followed every time a new product is developed.

  1. Specifications is drafted


    A set of Specifications is drafted, listing in particular the aims and technical constraints.

  2. Formulation


    Formulation: our researchers have access to stocks of 250 raw materials, together with a wide range of natural-origin active cosmetics ingredients developed internally.

  3. Tests to establish the product's safety


    Tests to establish the product's safety (cutaneous and ocular tolerance, hypoallergenic nature, etc.) and its stability over time. Its efficacy is rigorously assessed by clinical trials and / or tests performed with panels of volunteers (special tests are performed for maternity products).

  4. Safety Assessment


    Safety Assessment: all test results are sent to an independent toxicologist. They then make a decision about whether or not a product is safe to use based on the people for whom it is intended. No product may be marketed unless it has been awarded "Safety Assessment for Human Health" certification.

  5. Transition to the manufacturing phase


    Transition to the manufacturing phase, ensuring that the product's qualities remain unchanged.

  6. Compilation of European documentation


    Compilation of European documentation for health authorities.

  7. Market launch and monitoring


    Market launch and monitoring: throughout its life, the product remains under the supervision of our cosmetic monitoring department.