Expanscience moves to the Tour First located in Paris La Défense

The head office of Laboratoires Expanscience moves to Tour First in Paris La Défense.

On 24 April, the head office of Laboratoires Expanscience moved into its new quarters at the Tour First, located at 1 place des Saisons in Paris La Défense.


This move is part of an ambitious business project resolutely focused on innovation. The layout of the offices as shared spaces must, additionally, help develop collaborative work, interdepartmental communication and cooperation between the teams.

The head office’s 240 employees, among the company’s 1,044 employees throughout the world, will occupy the 8th and 9th floors of the building which is High Environmental Quality and LEED Gold* certified.


From now on, to contact Laboratoires Expanscience:


1 place des Saisons - 92048 Paris La Défense Cedex
Tel. : 01 43 34 60 00


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* LEED Gold: Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) is a North American system of standardisation of buildings with high environmental quality. A building can achieve four levels: certified, silver, gold or platinum. Evaluation criteria include: energy efficiency, water consumption, heating efficiency, chosen materials, etc.​