Better Living Program: new CSR initiative from Laboratoires Expanscience to help make life better

Better Living Program

For more than a decade, Expanscience has endeavoured, through its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) approach, to provide better care for infants, new and expectant mothers, older patients and, more generally, all of its communities.


After successfully achieving* its 2015 CSR commitments, Expanscience has set itself a new goal with the Better Living Program: a new CSR initiative to help make life better.


Expanscience’s aim with the Better Living Program is to help all of its communities - consumers, patients, healthcare professionals, employees and suppliers - to live better lives between now and 2020. Expanscience, through its leading brands, Mustela and Piasclédine 300, pledges to optimise care for its customers and their environment by developing products with a smaller impact on people and the planet, based on concepts such as eco-design and naturalness, and by creating solutions that aid prevention in the areas of skin health and osteoarthritis.


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*Excluding the targets for lower energy consumption and waste production at the Épernon site in France.