Living better with arthritis

For better living today, we need to prepare for ‘tomorrow’s better living'. In France and around the world, we care about everyone's well-being. ​
It is what has driven us for over 65 years. 


Discover 4 actions, 4 commitments, 4 stories, embodied by our ‘Better Living Programme’ to contribute to better living in all our communities. 


Living better with arthritis 


We all know someone who suffers from osteoarthritis. 65% of those over 65 are affected by this disease (1).  Osteoarthritis can be painful and troublesome, and can cause serious functional impairment.  At Expanscience we take action to help these people better live with osteoarthritis day-to-day. How? By preserving their mobility, which is fundamental in our modern societies. 


For over 25 years, by contributing to knowledge development and research into osteoarthritis, we have been attentive to these people and the health professionals who look after them. Osteoarthritis, despite the pain, should not prevent people from living, getting about and enjoying life. 


Better living with osteoarthritis means listening to your body and taking preventive measures. Find out how on our website  It also means combatting solitude, establishing relationships and acquiring healthy eating and exercise habits, as suggested by our support system


Because solidarity and sharing are essential in the pursuit of better living.


(1) Source : Société française de rhumatologie (


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