Targeted active ingredients and innovative sensorial ingredients developed for the cosmetics industry through Laboratoires Expanscience’s expertise.


The cosmetic active ingredients business is one of Laboratoires Expanscience’s original core activities. The active ingredients produced as a result of the company’s expertise have built its reputation.

Over 40 years' experience

Over 40 years'

With 40 years’ experience in the domain of plant-based raw materials behind it, Laboratoire Expanscience has produced innovative cosmetic active ingredients and high-quality sensorial ingredients, through its expertise in lipid chemistry, molecular distillation and plant extraction. These ingredients have all been developed by our Research and Development Department. They are the subject of rigorous biological and clinical testing, patent registrations and scientific publications.


This has made Expanscience a major supplier to cosmetic brands in France and other countries.

Pharmaceutical culture and cutting-edge R&D

Pharmaceutical culture
and cutting-edge R&D

It is our pharmaceutical culture that distinguishes us on the cosmetic active ingredients market. And thus it enjoys recognition of the reliability and effectiveness of its active ingredients, and the scientific rigor of its development and production processes.

Our values, our commitments

Our values,
our commitments

For each of our ingredients, we make every effort to take into consideration the entire environment in which it is produced. This approach is supported by our membership of the Union for Ethical BioTrade (UEBT), an international not-for-profit association for the preservation of biodiversity and observance of fair trade regulations.


Laboratoires Expanscience’s contribution to Sustainable Development was recognized as “exemplary” in 2013 by the AFAQ 26000 assessment. This degree of exemplarity was reconfirmed in 2014 then 2016.

fundamental knowledge

For Laboratoires Expanscience, skin, a precious asset, has always been a fascinating field of research. This is why our researchers are devoted to studying the functions of the skin and its supporting mechanisms.


On the strength of this experience, we study the impact on the skin of each of our active ingredients.

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Our philosophy "SCIENCE & CONSCIENCE, Naturally®"
is the perfect image of all these commitments.